Driving Under The Influence

Simply being charged has immediate consequences that will result in your vehicle being impounded and your driver’s licence being automatically suspended for 90 days.

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sexual assault

Sexual Assault Offenses

It’s very important that if you are being investigated for a sexual assault-related offence that prior to speaking to police you consult with an experienced criminal lawyer from Toronto.

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Drug Offenses

When charged with a drug related offence you need to be represented by a knowledgeable drug offence lawyer. Even a simple drug possession conviction can result in mandatory minimum jail sentences.

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Bail Hearings and Bail Conditions

Being unprepared for a bail hearing, failing to have an acceptable surety or presenting an inadequate supervision plan can result in bail being denied and an accused person remaining in jail.

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Domestic Assault

Allegations of assault that occur between spouses, intimate partners, or depending on the circumstances can even include assaults between siblings and former partners.

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Assault and Common Defences

The Canadian Criminal Code defines assault as occurring whenever a person, without consent, directly or indirectly, intentionally applies force to another person.

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Fraud charges can encompass a wide range of activities that could appear to be legal. They may be very technical and complex offences that can be complicated to both prove and defend.

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Robbery and Armed Robbery Charges

The Criminal Code of Canada defines robbery as the use of any force, violence or threats, while armed or unarmed, for the purpose of stealing property. 

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Property Related Offences

There are several types of property related crime that require the services of a criminal lawyer  including but not limited to: Theft, Shoplifting, Mischief, Break & Enter, Possession of Property.

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Youth and The Criminal Justice System

Knowing the delicate differences in how youth matters are treated could potentially make a large difference to a youth’s future.

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A homicide defence lawyer that will provide the defendant with trusted and experienced advice and advocacy can help prove the accused innocent or reduce the sentence involved.

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Regulatory Offences

If your company, or you personally, have been charged with a regulatory or provincial offence it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to assist you immediately.

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