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Licenced professionals are always held to a higher standard by the public and by their respective professional licensing bodies and regulators. These regulators outline the rules and professional standards that must be followed. If someone disregards those rules, they may be subject to professional regulation and discipline. This is a process that varies depending on the profession but can involve anything from professional misconduct warning to being prohibited from practicing altogether. If you are facing professional regulation complaint or have a pending professional discipline matter, it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side. William Jaksa has been practicing for over 15 years and is experienced in helping professionals navigate this process. He understands how crucial a professional’s relationship is with their governing regulator. Contact him today for a consultation.


When your livelihood is at stake, you need a lawyer with the experience

William Jaksa has represented clients on a wide range of legal issues in trial courts before Judges and Juries, and various tribunals. He understands how professional investigations are conducted and how witness testimony and evidence need to be collected. Further, William has developed the analytical and advocacy skills to ensure that every client’s rights, reputation, and livelihood are defended at their disciplinary proceedings.

Lawyer for Professionals

William has experience advising and defending regulated professionals in a range of practice areas, from massage therapists to police officers, before their respective associations and regulatory bodies. William has represented professional clients before the following regulatory bodies:

  • Lawyers & Paralegals and Candidates – Law Society of Ontario (LSO)
  • Police Officers
  • Financial Planners and Advisors – Financial Services Regulatory of Ontario (FSRA)
  • Teachers – Ontario College of Teachers
  • Early Child Educators – College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE)
  • Registered Nurses – The College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Pharmacists – Ontario College of Pharmacists
  • Psychologist – College of Psychologists of Ontario
  • Registered Psychotherapists – College of Psychotherapy Ontario (CRPO)
  • Auto Insurance Agents and Providers – Financial Services Regulatory of Ontario (FSRA)
  • Security Guards & Private Investigators
  • Mortgage Brokers – Financial Services Regulatory of Ontario (FSRA)


Many professionals understand that a single complaint can destroy their livelihoods. A single complaint can ruin your practice. When you are a professional, your reputation is everything. A mistake or even an accusation can be devastating to your career. If you are facing disciplinary action by a regulator for professional misconduct, it is important to take steps to defend your reputation.

Some suggestions for protecting your reputation are: First, be proactive and get ahead of the story. Second, build a strong support network of your peers. They will be able to assist with advice and help defend your reputation. And finally, hire a lawyer that will help develop a strategy to defend the allegations. These simple steps are an essential start for putting yourself in the best position possible to protect your professional reputation.

Lawyers for professionals facing disciplinary proceedings by their regulator. A lawyer for professionals.


We provide practical, timely legal advice about professional regulation and professional disciplinary matters. When facing a professional licensing revocation hearing you want legal counsel that not only cares about the results of your matter but has the experience to achieve the result required to protect your livelihood.  Call William Jaksa at 647-951-8078