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Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto

Protecting the Legal Rights of the Accused

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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, your only choice is to hire the most experienced criminal lawyer available for your case. Toronto criminal defence lawyer William Jaksa has years of experience representing clients facing serious criminal charges. William Jaksa will leave no stone unturned and be by your side throughout the entire process as he seeks the most favourable outcome for you and your case.

The law firm of William Jaksa Criminal Litigation serves clients across Toronto and would be proud to lend its legal services to you during your difficult time. At our firm, we understand that being charged with a criminal offence can be nerve-racking, leaving the accused not knowing which way is up anymore. Let us take the lead and help you pursue the outcome that potentially sees your fines reduced, avoids prison time, or dismisses the charges entirely.

Contact William Jaksa Criminal Litigation today by calling 647-951-8078.


What Types of Cases Do Criminal Lawyers Represent?

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Lawyer William Jaksa and his legal team provide honest and aggressive legal representation to the law firm’s clients. Whatever your case, if it falls under Canadian criminal law, we will examine the facts and endeavour to provide you with a winning defence both in and out of the courtroom.

William Jaksa has nearly two decades of professional legal experience and is a respected member of the Canadian Criminal Lawyers Association. He is one of Toronto’s top lawyers for clients facing criminal charges.

Practice areas that the lawyer may represent include:

  • Aggravated assault.
  • Bail review.
  • Criminal harassment.
  • Court order appeals.
  • Domestic assault.
  • Drug offences.
  • Highway traffic driving offences.
  • Homicide.
  • Impaired driving, whether driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Police misconduct.
  • Regulatory offences.
  • Sexual assault and other sexual offences.
  • White-collar crimes like tax evasion.
  • Youth criminal activity.
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Client Success Stories
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How Can Clients Be Assured That They Will Be Treated With Decency and Respect?

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Let’s state the obvious: those accused of a crime are often presumed guilty by the court of public opinion, even though criminal law clearly states that everyone is innocent until proven guilty by an impartial tribunal. Because of this, it’s unfortunate but ultimately understandable that the defendant may feel shame or guilt, believing that everyone is against them from the very beginning. But criminal defence lawyers are here for you, not to judge you.

As your legal representative, criminal lawyer William Jaksa will provide sincere, trustworthy, and knowledgeable legal services. Your case is not merely a passing, temporary thing for you, and our firm will never treat it as such. William Jaksa provides clients with a clear understanding of their options and the most optimal direction to take their legal defence, free of judgment or scorn.

Meet William Jaksa

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When facing criminal charges and the prospect of losing your freedom, you want William Jaksa acting as your criminal lawyer in Toronto. He understands the stress that a criminal case can have on his client’s and their families. He also understands that his clients are more than the criminal charges they face.

With over 15 years of experience defending criminal cases and his proven record of creating strategic defences that ensure the best results for his clients, he has earned the reputation of being one of the best criminal lawyers in Toronto. As a criminal defence lawyer, William is always focused on his clients’ best interests and has an uncompromising dedication when defending their criminal cases.

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Do I Have a Winning Legal Defence?

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Whether you are facing the minimum fees or the maximum penalties for a criminal offence, it’s crucial that you seek legal representation sooner rather than later. The more time your criminal lawyer has to review your case and build a defence, the better your chances of reaching the optimal outcome for your case.

While no outcome can be guaranteed, criminal defence lawyer William Jaksa has a sterling track record and is in good standing with the Bar. He will explore all possible legal defences for your case before landing on the one most suitable for you and your achievable goals.

William Jaksa has appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeals. He will take your case all the way to the Supreme Court if that’s the only choice.

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Why Choose Us?

Some lawyers will attempt to put a shine on the criminal case of the accused as if making the client feel better is the main goal of the job. This does not serve the client well. With our firm, you will receive an honest assessment of where things stand and a clear understanding of how we can seek to alleviate your legal issue.


William Jaksa is not a junior lawyer, and he does not pass off his legal cases to paralegals or his assistants to handle. While the lawyer has a talented legal team to support him, when you retain his services, you are getting a criminal lawyer with almost two decades of legal experience defending clients accused of criminal offences.


William Jaksa is someone you can trust to have your back in a complex legal matter. With a strong track record of success, a solid reputation among his peers, and good standing with the Bar, you can rest assured that you are hiring a lawyer fully capable of providing you with confident and compassionate legal defence service.


The law practice of William Jaksa Criminal Litigation serves clients in a number of different cases under the umbrella of criminal law. Currently, the law firm is heavily focused on clients involved in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, and high-end drug offences. Whatever your circumstances, contact the law firm to discuss your case, and we can offer legal options for how to proceed.


William Jaksa Criminal Litigation offers reasonable rates for clients accused of criminal offences. All the money paid to the lawyer is for the tireless work to defend your name. There is no wasted money, and there are no hidden fees. When you pay for lawyer William Jaksa’s services, you pay for highly experienced legal representation and a chance at a better future.

Why Choose Us?
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What Are the Potential Ramifications of Conviction in the Criminal Justice System?

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While some clients may look to enter a guilty plea, most maintain their innocence and fight the charges by declaring themselves not guilty. Different criminal offences come with other consequences, and similarly, different clients have different motivations for wanting to avoid a guilty verdict.

Young clients tend to fear being declared guilty because a criminal record so early in their adult lives may greatly diminish their future employment prospects. Older clients may be primarily motivated by fears of jail time, as they may miss important life moments of their children and loved ones. Still, others may be in dire financial situations, and harsh financial penalties could only further ruin their plans for the future.

As your criminal lawyer, William Jaksa will aim to limit your exposure to the worst legal consequences.

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Schedule a Consultation with One of the Most Experienced Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers to Discuss Your Case Today

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The law office of William Jaksa Criminal Litigation is conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario. We’re a short 7-minute drive from the Hockey Hall of Fame, 16 minutes from Ontario Place, and 24 minutes from Riverdale Park West. Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) is located 23 minutes away by car.

If you’re facing criminal charges in the Ontario courts, you must seek professional legal defence. William Jaksa Criminal Litigation is a top criminal law boutique in Ontario, serving clients accused of several offences. As your legal counsel, we shall work tirelessly to defend your rights from the beginning of your case to the end.

Please schedule a consultation today to discuss your unique case in more detail and learn your legal options in the future as a client of our law firm. 647-951-8078

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Frequently Asked Questions
When should I contact criminal lawyers?

If you suspect you’ll be charged with a criminal offence, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you do so, the more time your lawyer will have to defend your case and begin to look after your personal and professional interests. And if you’ve been arrested by police and law enforcement, the time to contact a criminal lawyer is now, not later. The time and money it takes to speak to criminal defence lawyers can be repaid in full with a solid legal defence.

Should I hire criminal defence lawyers even if I only face minimal fines?

Firstly, you do not know with any certainty what fines and other consequences you may be facing for your criminal charge. Some prosecutors and judges like to make an example of criminal defendants and may seek harsher penalties. And still, other cases may discover additional facts that further impact your sentencing. You should consult with legal professionals regardless of your high levels of confidence, just to be safe on the safe side.

I believe I’m under investigation for a crime, but I’ve not been charged yet. Is there anything that can be done? Should I attempt to preemptively clear my name with the police?

The first thing you must do is contact William Jaksa Criminal Litigation to speak with the lawyer. The sooner the lawyer has a chance to understand what is happening, the better off you’ll be. In the meantime, though, do not speak to the police, even if you believe you are above suspicion. Anything you say to them could be used against you in the hypothetical case they’re building.

How long do criminal cases typically take to be resolved?

Criminal cases can be resolved in a matter of a few short weeks, or they may take years to settle. There is simply no way to accurately predict the length of a criminal case online without knowing all of the facts pertaining to your unique case, as there are too many varying factors that could lengthen a case’s duration, whether due to the complexities of the case or the speed at which a judge likes to handle their workload.

Is it essential to hire criminal defence lawyers for a criminal case? I know a different type of lawyer who is cheaper.

When dealing with your personal freedoms and a future being untethered to a criminal record, you do not want to go for the cheapest legal representative available. The more experienced a lawyer is, the higher their rates are likely to be. But especially, do not think that you can skimp on costs by hiring divorce lawyers or personal injury lawyers for your criminal case. Find someone else if your lawyer has yet to experience representing cases like yours.

The arresting law enforcement officer never read me my legal rights. Does this help my case?

A law enforcement officer should ‘read you your rights’ at the time of your arrest. Failure to do so could impact the case they have against you. Yes, it could potentially be a favourable development for your criminal case, but it is not necessarily enough to have all charges dismissed. More likely, it may dismiss any statements you made to the police officers after your arrest. To learn more, speak with lawyer William Jaksa.

I refused to answer the arresting officer’s questions and kept silent. Will this hurt my case or increase my chances of receiving jail time?

No, this will not hurt your defence. In fact, it may even help it. You have the absolute, undeniable right to refuse to incriminate yourself by making any statements to the police or other law enforcement officers. If and/or when your case goes to court, the trial prosecution will make use of any comments you made, potentially twisting their benefit. On the other hand, if you decline to make a statement, this fact will not negatively impact your case in any way.

Do any criminal defence lawyers guarantee a win?

If any lawyers guarantee a successful trial, then they’re not the lawyers you want to hire to defend against your criminal charge. There can be no guarantees in criminal trials. However, our law firm has extensive experience defending clients accused of several offences under the criminal code, and we confidently believe in our ability to defend your case.