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Experience Matters

Toronto Criminal Lawyer William Jaksa has been assisting clients charged with criminal offences for over 15 years. He understands the serious implications that comes with a criminal charge. More importantly as a defence lawyer he recognizes that every client is far more than their criminal record or their outstanding criminal offence.

As an experienced lawyer in Toronto William Jaksa has conducted hundreds of criminal trials and other legal proceedings. He has a successfully track record of defended clients in criminal proceedings, at professional disciplinary hearings and on a wide range of summary and indictable offences. To ensure that his extensive experience is most effectively applied to achieving the best litigation outcomes William Jaksa limits his practice areas to criminal defence litigation, professional disciplinary proceedings and defending regulatory matters.

William understands that your rights come first. Criminal lawyers should work to ensure that your rights are protected, that you have a fair criminal trial and avoid the serious consequences that come with being found guilty.

Criminal Lawyer William Jaksa
Clients Matter. All criminal cases matter.

Clients Matter

Criminal lawyers understand that every criminal case means a client that needs help. William uses a client centric approach which ensures that clients are an integral part of preparing a tailored defence plan. Whether its a serious sexual assault, a fraud case or drug offences the client is involved in every step of the strategic planning of their defence. At William Jaksa’s criminal law firm there is always an uncompromising dedication to the clients best interests.

Both the criminal law and quasi-criminal charges can be very complicated and involve more than one complex legal issue. Your lawyer needs to be someone that you trust and work with. A criminal law firm wants to ensure that every client has all the required information about their case and about the criminal law so they can make the best decisions for their defence.

Results Matter

Achieving the best result for every client is the only thing that matters for the best lawyers. Whether the person charged had their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms violated or the police officer arrested an innocent person the result of every criminal case matters. Criminal lawyers know that criminal records for serious charges, even minor drug offences, have the most profound impacts on a clients life. That why results matter for every case.

Getting the best results requires experience and dedication. Toronto criminal defence lawyer William Jaksa has been successfully defended clients and providing legal advice that matters for over 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.  Whether legal representation is required for drug charges, sexual assault, domestic assault or other criminal code charges William knows that results matter.

Criminal defence lawyers know results matter.

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Fraud Offences

Fraud charges can encompass a wide range of activities that could appear to be legal. They may be very technical and many factors that can be complicated to both prove and defend.

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Regulatory Offences

If your company, or you personally, have been charged with a regulatory or provincial offences, which is a broad category of offences, it is important to contact a lawyers Toronto to assist you immediately.

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Property Related Offences

There are several types of property related crime that require the services of criminal lawyers including but not limited to: Theft, Shoplifting, Mischief, Break & Enter, Possession of Property.

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A homicide defence lawyer that will provide the defendant with trusted and experienced advice and advocacy can help prove the accused innocent or reduce the sentence involved.

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