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Everyone knows that a criminal conviction can have a profound impact on your future. That is why choosing the right experienced criminal lawyer might be the most important decision you ever make.

Criminal cases can be complicated and very time-consuming. They can last years and sometimes the smallest details can affect the outcome. Your lawyer needs to be someone you can trust and work with but more importantly someone that you trust and can talk to.

With the experience and record to prove that he is one of the top Criminal Lawyers in Toronto, William Jaksa will always be on your side to ensure that you are properly represented in your defence.

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Fraud Offences

Fraud charges can encompass a wide range of activities that could appear to be legal. They may be very technical and complex offences that can be complicated to both prove and defend.

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Regulatory Offences

If your company, or you personally, have been charged with a regulatory or provincial offence it is important to contact an experienced lawyer to assist you immediately.

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Property Related Offences

There are several types of property related crime that require the services of a criminal lawyer  including but not limited to: Theft, Shoplifting, Mischief, Break & Enter, Possession of Property.

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A homicide defence lawyer that will provide the defendant with trusted and experienced advice and advocacy can help prove the accused innocent or reduce the sentence involved.

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Experience You Can Count ON

With a diverse background in criminal law, William Jaksa is equipped to help you or your loved one by providing sound defence advice and fighting by your side throughout the litigation process. Whatever the accused crime against you may be, he will sit down with you and discuss all possible scenarios and outcomes of your case.

When choosing William Jaksa you get a lawyer that has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the right information and advice to help you make the best decisions.

Working with William Jaksa, you will discover that very few aspects of Canadian criminal law are black and white. Criminal law is shades of grey that are shaped by a person’s actions and intentions.

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