Sexual Assault related offences arise when there is an allegation that the sexual integrity of another person has been violated. Police will carefully investigate these sex assault types of allegations before laying charges. if charged you should contact a sexual assault lawyer immediately.

It’s very important that if you are being investigated for a sexual assault-related offence that prior to speaking to police you consult with an experienced criminal lawyer from Toronto. In some cases, an experienced sexual assault lawyer such as William Jaksa can help you deal with the allegations before the police lay any charges. You need to understand your rights prior to speaking with police and that any statement or misinformation you give to police can later be used against you at trial. 

With any sexually assault related offence, the Crown Attorney must prove that the complainant did not consent to the activity and the accused person knew there was no consent or was either knowingly blind, or reckless in obtaining consent. A person’s actions or statements to police will be carefully scrutinized in Court to establish if there was consent.

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Sex assault related offence convictions can ruin a person’s personal and professional reputation. Often news stories about sexual assault charges will remain online for many years making it difficult to repair a person’s name. Further, convictions for sexual assault offences have severe consequences and punishments. A single conviction for sexual assault will result with a Court Order for an individual to be placed on the National Sex Offenders Registry (see SOIRA).

William Jaksa, a sexual assault lawyer in Toronto has defended clients on a range of sexual offences:

  • ELiving on the Avails of Prostitution
  • EAdministering a Noxious Substance
  • ESexual Assault
  • ESexual Interference
  • EInvitation to Sexual Touching
  • EVoyeurism
  • EAggravated Sexual Assault
  • ESexual Exploitation
  • ELuring a Child

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William Jaksa understands the stigma that stems from being charged with a sexual assault-related offence. He has experience dealing with highly sensitive and publicized sexual offence cases. He is aware of a client’s need to protect their privacy and reputation. Contact William Jaksa, an experienced criminal lawyer from Toronto at 416-900-0998.