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When to Hire a Private Investigator for Criminal Defence

The vast majority of criminal defences do not require the use of a private investigator. Criminal lawyers are highly skilled and extremely diligent in examining the investigative police report and the prosecution’s evidence. As such, hiring a PI is a special...

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False Guilty Pleas in Canada

Innocent people do accept false guilty pleas. Approximately 90% of all criminal cases in Canada are resolved prior to going to trial with plea bargains or withdrawals by the Crown. The potential for false guilty pleas is a significant concern as, of the 450,000...

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Am I Going to Jail: Charged With a Criminal Offence

Facing criminal charges is a trying time for anyone. There is a lot of pressure and a lot to consider, but the biggest concern is almost always the outcome - namely, “am I going to jail?” In this article, we help outline the factors that influence whether or not your...

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Can I Change Defence Lawyers During A Criminal Case?

If you have lost trust in your lawyer, you do have the right to change counsel. Losing trust in your lawyer before trial is stressful and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  But should you switch lawyers? Depending on how far along your case is you may need...

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Zoom Trials – Virtual Trials in Criminal Law

A new (virtual) reality for criminal trials is just around the corner. Although video court appearances from jail and police stations are very common for bail hearings and other pre-trial appearances, the trial itself still occurs inside a physical courtroom.  The...

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What Does A Criminal Litigation Lawyer Do?

A criminal litigation lawyer represents an individual or organization charged with criminal offences under provincial or federal legislation. The lawyer’s role extends beyond the courtroom, with involvement before and after the trial. Pre-Trial Securing a criminal...

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Killer Inside: How Concussions Impact Criminal Defence

Netflix’s Killer Inside is the latest documentary to pose the question, “what role does traumatic brain injury play in criminal activity.”  Following the story of Aaron Hernandez, it looks at the potential link between the prevalence of concussions and CTE in the NFL,...

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Can You Go To Jail For Spreading Corona?

As concerns around COVID-19 spreads, we take a quick look at a common question during any outbreak. Can you go to jail for spreading a contagious virus or disease? It is rare for a person to be held criminally liable for spreading a virus, although it can happen....

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Toronto ‘Feces Flinger’ Will Face Assault Charges

This exam season, university students in Toronto found a whole new reason to dread studying. The alleged feces flinger struck headlines around by throwing fecal matter and dumping buckets of liquefied fecal matter, apparently unprovoked. Mr. Opoku was arrested and...

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Home Alone: A Toronto Criminal Lawyer Defends Kevin McAllister

It’s the most wonderful time of year - the time where Home Alone is playing seemingly at all times of day across all channels. And like all things that are good and pure, the internet is making its best attempt to sully the good name of Kevin McAllister. Every year,...

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