Fraud Charges

William Jaksa is an experienced criminal lawyer that has represented clients on charges of simple identity theft, complex advance fees for loan frauds, to large scale multinational stock investment schemes. William Jaksa has represented clients in many large scale police investigations including: Project Marathon, Project Longtime and Project Ambassador to name a few.

William Jaksa has been a fraud lawyer in Toronto for many years representing clients on Fraud related charges stemming from:

  • Identity Theft
  • Investment Frauds
  • Credit Card Forgery
  • Embezzlement
  • Advance Fee Loans
  • Cross-Border Fraud
  • Charities Fraud
  • Fake Insurance Claims
  • Money Laundering
  • Possession of Proceeds
  • False Expense Reports

When you retain William Jaksa as your fraud lawyer, he will thoroughly review your matter and provide you with your options and defence strategies. He will work closely with you and any experts or private investigators to ensure the best possible outcome for your matter.

A fraud can include a wide range of activity that could be perfectly legal or a simple misunderstanding. Depending on the circumstances, fraud charges may be very technical offences and can be complicated to both prove and defend. There are circumstances where innocent people, through personal association, are accused of being involved in the fraudulent activity. A fraud lawyer in Toronto knows how to present your case to the court in a manner which highlights your innocence.

When prosecuting these cases, the Crown Attorney will often rely on evidence from search warrants, production orders, business records and expert analysis. There are strict procedural and evidentiary rules that must be complied with to introduce such evidence.  William Jaksa, as your fraud lawyer from Toronto, will be able to explain these rules and ensure that both the police and Crown Attorney are following them.

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