Driving Under the Influence

Moving cars at CheckpointIn Ontario the most common DUI related offences are: Impaired Driving, Driving Over 80, and Fail to Provide Breath Sample. Simply being charged has immediate consequences that will result in your vehicle being impounded and your driver’s licence being automatically suspended for 90 days. However, a conviction will have long term consequences which could impact your ability to find employment or even affordable auto insurance. If you have been charged with a driving while impaired related offence, contact William Jaksa, a DUI lawyer in Toronto.


Being Charged With a DUI

  • May result in a Criminal Record
  • There will be mandatory driver’s licence suspension
  • Expect an increase in your Auto Insurance premiums  


Consequences Upon Conviction for Impaired Driving, Over 80, or Refuse to Provide Breath Sample:



1st Offence

2nd Offence

3rd & Subsequent Offence

Ignition Interlock

1 year minimum 3 year minimum Lifetime

Jail Sentence

No Minimum 30 days minimum 120 days minimum


Minimum $1000 Judge’s discretion Judge’s discretion

Licence Suspension

1 year 3 years 10 years to Life


It can be a very technical process for the Crown Attorney to prove in court that a person was impaired while driving. For this reason, it is imperative that your DUI lawyer from Toronto review your case and asks the right questions. An experienced lawyer will examine whether the police properly followed procedure when gathering evidence. They will also consider if police violated any of your Charter Rights during the course of the investigation and arrest. 

Every impaired driving case is different but in general, for the Crown to secure a conviction they must prove the driver was actually impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time they were driving, or at the time they had care and control of the vehicle. Proving this requires evidence of impairment and that there was an intention to drive.

It is important to understand your options and costs before retaining a DUI lawyer from Toronto.

William Jaksa will explain:

  • your options and possible trial strategies
  • your costs
  • the consequences you face

We appreciate that every case is different. Recent changes in the law have eliminated specific defences and limited other defences. That is why you need a professional DUI Lawyer in the Toronto area to stand by your side and defend you in court. Contact William Jaksa, a DUI lawyer.

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